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new year cake with coin

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    The tradition of Vasilopita (St. Basil or King's Cake) commenced in the 4th century when Basil of Caesarea wanted to distribute money to the poor. He wanted to preserve their dignity, so as not to look like charity, he commissioned women to bake a sweetened bread in which he placed gold coins. Thus, the families who received the bread were pleasantly surprised as they sliced into it to nourish themselves.
    After many generations, Vasilopita continues to be enjoyed by Greeks to welcome the New Year, particularly on the Epiphany, January 6th.

    While gathered among friends and family, a piece is sliced for each observer in order of eldest to youngest. You may also choose to slice a piece for your place of worship or house, the sick, the traveler, or anyone else you wish to include. The recipient with the slice that holds the coin is said to be blessed in the New Year.

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    Pickup from 12/22-24 ONLY

  • Ingredients:

    unbleached wheat flour, egg, butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, citrus zest, allspice, powdered sugar dusting

  • Packaging:

    8" deep round full cake. includes coin, history, and carving instructions

  • Care Guide:

    freeze until january 1st, carve with friends and family for good luck in the new year!