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Rustic Pies (1/2 sheet)

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    Half Sheet Tray

    Our rustic pies bring an old-world touch to your table.  Made with our hand-stretched scratch phyllo dough, this family-style tray is simply wholesome and delicious.   

    Our rustic pies are available in these varieties:


    fresh spinach sauteed w/ onion, scallion, fresh dill & feta

    TIROPITA | $64

    blend of ricotta, feta & parmesan cheeses w/ fresh dill and sesame garnish

    Pre-sliced to 12 meal-size portions. You may further cut each piece in half to yield more.  

    Warming your Rustic Pies 

    Thaw (if frozen).  Reheat at 375-400 degrees until warmed throughout.  Approx 30 min.


    • Single variety per tray
    • Perfect 'family-style' pie 
    • Best enjoyed warm
    • Crafted to YiaYia's standards!

    1/2 sheet disposable tray with lid, includes a MASTIHA sticker

    Length 18 Inches
    Width 13 Inches
    Height 1 Inch
    Shape Rectangle
    Aluminum tray, clear plastic lid
    Refrigerator (up to 3 days) OR Freezer (1 month)


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