Shepherd's Whey Goat Cheeses (local)

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approx 1/3 lb, vacuum sealed wedge (pictured, top left)

Similar to Manchego, but made with goat milk instead of sheep.  
With it's traditional chocolate brown basket weave rind juxtaposed against a creamery white flesh this cheese is stunningly beautiful.  Lightly salty from the brining, this cheese has a pleasant mild flavor that makes it pair well with just about any dish. 

2019 ADGA National Goat Cheese Competition: First Place Semi Hard Aged Cheese and Reserve BEST IN SHOW.  

Potomac Sunrise 

approx 1/3 lb, vacuum sealed wedge (pictured, top right)

A curd washed cheese that is aged anywhere from 3 to 9 months.  It is a bit of a sweeter nutty cheese – sweeter due to lower acidity in this cheese from the curd washing.  This cheese has natural mechanical holes, slices, grates and melts well as it wonderful all around semi hard cheese. Firm and creamy with a tender, mildly-goaty flavor, this cheese is delicate enough to pair with Pilsners or Pino Gris.


4oz container (pictured, blue bowl)

Chevre is a soft, spreadable, non-aged, goat cheese with a light, mildly-tangy flavor. The texture of our chevre is between those of ricotta and cream cheeses and is “crumble-able” when cold.  You can enjoy on this with fruit, on a crusty bread, over a salad, or as a flavor-enhanced substitute in any recipe calling for a soft cheese.

Shepherd’s Whey Creamery is a family owned farm, dairy, and creamery in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia specializing in minimally-processed goat’s milk, goat’s milk cheese, and delicious yogurt.  Since 2003 Suzanne and her family have been raising goats and producing goat-dairy products with the utmost devotion and care in hopes that our community and our planet might benefit from wholesome food and a simple lifestyle.