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Handcrafted Pita SAMPLE

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    The most delicious pita you'll eat.  Available in retail and grocery stores from NY to Richmond, and of course our DMV area -- but still... not your 'grocery store' pita.  Prepared by hand in small batches and cooked on a seasoned skillet which lends flavor, moisture and texture you won't find in conventional pita. 

    Great for so many uses; dip into hummus or tzatziki, pile high with grilled meats and veggies, make a "pita pizza" with your favorite toppings, and our personal favorite - served warm with pan fried haloumi cheese and raw honey.

    unbleached wheat flour / e.v. greek olive oil / salt / yeast / water 

    PRO-TIP:  store in freezer, warm as desired in toaster or skillet 

    5 pita per package / available by the single or six pack


    Nutritional Information (as mentioned on retail packaging)

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