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Handcrafted Pita

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    Mastiha pitas are pillowy and puffy, and beautifully charred, like the love child of a naan and a flatbread. They’re so flavorful you’ll swear they’re made with butter, but they’re 100% vegan.  Enjoy them with dips, as an open-face sandwich, or straight from the bag. 
    INGREDIENTS: unbleached wheat flour, water, e.v. greek olive oil, yeast, salt
    best kept frozen and warmed in a toaster or skillet
    5 pita per package | approx. 6" diameter
    PAIRING SUGGESTIONS:  enjoy with any of our housemade dips, pile high with grilled cheese, meats or vegetables, make a "pita pizza" with your favorite toppings, and add to any grazing board with olives, cheese, cured meats, etc. 
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