Greek Saffron

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Greek Saffron from Kozani, Greece

Unbelievably potent Greek Saffron from Kozani with a powerful delicious smell that hits you right away. Produced by Aristides Koletsas in the unique and one of a kind - Kozani, Greece- the only area of Greece that produces Saffron.

Greek Saffron is known to be the best in the world and is distinguished by its potent smell and taste - much more so than any other Saffron in the world. Saffron known as Crocus Sativus is the most sought out and expensive spice in the world.

It can be used in cooking or to make soothing beverages with warm water, HONEY, and just a strand of saffron. In drinks or cooking only a couple strands need to be used. The strands derive from the Crocus Sativus flower.

About 75,000 beautiful purple flowers are required to produce 1 pound of saffron. This coupled with the fact that it must be harvested extremely carefully by hand, makes it the world's most expensive spice.