Grains & Beans

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Made from dried, cracked wheat and used widely in Greek cuisine as a "pilaf".  Toss with fresh tomato and cucumber, or fresh herbs, or stew with tomato and onion, then serve with a dollop of plain yogurt.  32oz

Brown Rice
Whole grain, short-medium. Great base for saucy Greek dishes, like Fasolia or stuffed into Yemista! 32oz

White Jasmin Rice
Aromatic, long grain. Great base for saucy Greek dishes, like Fasolia or stuffed into Yemista!   32oz

Husked, whole wheat kernels surrounded by the bran of the wheat.  Add to salads, stuffings and soups. Cook with dried fruit and nuts as a wonderful, nutritious breakfast or side dish. 32oz  / Pro Tip:  boil, portion and store in freezer for a ready to use wholegrain!

Green lentils, enjoy as a soup with onion, garlic, carrot and celery.  Use less water and toss in chopped tomatoes and onion for a stewed side dish.  Prepare plain and toss into a salad!  32oz

Black Eyed Pea
Classic bean in Cypriot cuisine.  Toss into a salad, or top with garnishes (see recipe here).  32oz