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the dc area's greek bakery 🇬🇷🏺

kindly note: no bakery pickup 5/25 + 5/28 (farmers markets only)

 When I set out to make baklava as a side gig, I didn't know it would go this far.

They say things happen for a reason and I truly believe that.  The clearer my vision becomes the more meraki (passion) grows, and not just for making delicious food, but to creating a sense of place for all whose lives are touched by MASTIHA.

My team, my customers, my community, and the desire to share my heritage are all the drive behind this expansion.  Whether you've shopped with us for a long time or not, you'll quickly learn that we are not a 'transactional' bakery establishment.  We have become friends, family and even taste testers to some of your delicious home baked goods!  

This next chapter will allow us to work and provide in ways we haven't before.  From a hand-crafted production bakery behind the scenes, reaching more retail partners and nationwide shipping customers to your neighborhood Greek bakery serving up fresh baked goods from our new retail space and farmers markets.  Who knows... we may even decide to open up additional retail shops down the road some day.

Thank you for being a part of this experience.  Your contribution will help make a difference so we may continue focusing on relocating and training sooner than later.

I am so proud to share this journey with you and as a token of appreciation, please accept a THANK YOU gift we will be sending you!

Katerina V. Georgallas, founder & owner