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Kindly note we will be closed Fri 8/5 - tue 8/8 to enjoy a little r+r

the dc area's greek bakery🏺🇬🇷

regarding covid | updated January 2022

Thank you all who continue to support us.  We understand and value the importance of maintaining a sense of comfort when it comes to food and we are committed to being here for you the best way we can. As a small business, we depend on regular engagement.  

ᐁ Kindly note the following  

You may order or pickup from our doorway entry.  Please be mindful about mask wearing and maintain distance to any other customers who may be picking up. 

Our entire team is fully vaccinated.  We may temporarily remove masks if temperatures become too hot, or once all orders have been picked up.  If this concerns you, kindly let us know by emailing us.

The kitchen is our second home, a space we spend a lot of time in and take great pride to keep clean.  Our team is small and so is our supplier chain, making it more manageable for us to run a tight ship.  We wish you a healthy and safe season!

Katerina + the MASTIHA Family

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at