Community & Recognition

Since the days when we were Baklava Couture (2011-2018) to the present MASTIHA | Artisan Greek Bakery, we are honored to be recognized as a leading company in our industry and also proud to work alongside some of the most inspiring people in food, art and culture.

Below are some of our proudest moments.




We are honored to have received Honorable Mention by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) in the category Sweet Relief: Baking and Pastry To Go among these local bakers!

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken / Baker’s Against Racism / Buttercream Bakeshop / Bread and Water Co. / Donut Run / MASTIHA / Pluma by Bluebird Bakery / Sunday Morning Bakehouse / The Dapper Fox / Yellow


2021 | MASTIHA inspires local artist!


Local artist and MASTIHA customer inspired by our humble entryway!

Meagan Healy submits "Women Owned Business" (left) and "Blue Door with Citron Yellow" watercolor paintings in Kensington's MAA Paint the Town show!  




Unofficially the worlds largest bake sale raising 1.9 Million dollars for social justice.  MASTIHA donated 100% of sweets sales totaling $1200 to dear friend and FOOD TALKS N COLOR founder, Melissa L. Jones. FTNC amplifies black people and people of color in food and agriculture: their journeys, perspectives and stories. 

It's an amazing podcast and inspires me (Katerina) each time I tune in.  It's been instrumental to my mindset during the pandemic as I listened to stories of people creating their own paths for their communities and not depending on anyone else -- for example: don't wait on funding, etc. -- just get out there and DO!   Grow/make [food], connect with your community and find ways to create your OWN circle/system for all to benefit from.    

From Melissa:

Many, many thanks for supporting Food Talks N Color. You've always been a supporter - there's no doubt about that. Again, my heart is filled with gratitude that you have decided to contribute your Bakers Against Racism proceeds to FTNC. The contribution will support in two main ways:

  • Allow me to invest in operational needs that will strengthen the foundation of the company

  • Invest in technology so we can create innovative ways to promote the mission and catalogue black and brown faces, i.e. I have been working on a free app with Glide, but now I can enhance features by making a financial investment (click "edible communities" on FTNC). This will remain a trial for a while until I see how effective this is and what value it can bring for the entire FTNC network, may change up months down the road I am going to have a tech person take a look before moving full steam ahead.



YOUTUBE Video by Violetta Markelou
SERIES by Violetta Markelou

In the backyard of the nation’s capital, local small businesses are using every ounce of their creativity to stay afloat. Local photographer Violetta Markelou’s project “Inbox Full” captures the inspirations, challenges, and struggles of these enterprises via portraits of the people who run them. 


Kensington Bakery Shifts Business to Greek Corner Store
The fallout of the coronavirus closures has caused stress and anxiety for business owners. But for some, it’s also sparked a chance for creativity. News4’s Jackie Bensen explains how the loss of a business model helped a Maryland business owner to find her dream.


2020 | Bethesda Magazine
Acts of Kindness / Feeding Her Heroes
While Gina Semeraro, a nurse, was picking up food at Mastiha Artisan Greek Bakery in Kensington in late March, the shop’s owner, Katerina Georgallas, offered to donate some items for Semeraro to share with other health care workers...


In response to stay-at-home orders, food service pivots to retail

...A similar motivation spurred Katerina Georgallas, owner of Mastiha Bakery in Kensington, Maryland, to transform her Greek bakery into a no-contact market...


2019 | edibleDC
ISSUE 25 - WINTER 2019 
Edible Urban Forager “Brunch On!” by Gina Chen


2019 | BEST OF D.C.

Washington City Paper "Runner Up, Best Bakery"


Chefs for Feds

More than 30 customer's responded to our need for pita making volunteers to help us produce 6,000 units of pita bread ordered by WCK after we had already donated 2,000 units a week prior that were incorporated into 5,000 meals to feed furloughed government employees and their families. 

As a small business, in the slowest month of the year, we didn't expect to make any money on this donation.  But, once the amazing team at WCK received our initial batch, they quickly placed an order with us that they needed within 48 hours.  There was no way we could produce that quantity in ONE DAY, so we sent out an e-blast to call on our dedicated fan base and within an hour, we scheduled 13 people for the next day which turned into an all day pita party! 

The following day, we drove the cases of pita downtown that were used in the community marketplace where families could take home packages along with other groceries.  To our volunteers, you all have my whole heart for life!! 


2018 | Capitol Yards DC

Greek Sweets / Blog - Mastering the art of Greek baked goods is a task that should be left to the professionals. Enter Baklava Couture. This virtual bakery is owned and operated by Katerina Georgallas, who relies on her family recipes...


2018 | The Culinary Citizen

Heritage Tours
Rebecca and Kelsey chat with Katerina Georgallas, founder and owner of Mastiha Artisan Greek Bakery (formerly Baklava Couture) in DC and the Farm-to-Table Heritage Tour. Leaving interior design for the kitchen, Katerina used pastry as a way to start discovering her Greek roots leading to the creation of her heritage tour.


Bethesda Magazine Editor’s Pick "Best Ethnic Bakery” 


Zaytinya's Greek Easter Agorá And Baklava Couture

Plenty of amazing Greek and Mediterranean vendors come to Zaytinya’s Agorá Greek Easter Market every year. But Katerina Georgallas’s Baklava Couture from Kensington, Maryland, is arguably a fan favorite. Georgallas built her business bit by bit...


2014 | BEST OF D.C.

Washington City Paper "Runner Up, Best Bakery"


Katerina Georgallas explores her Greek heritage through Baklava Couture
When she was growing up in Rockville, Katerina Georgallas, a Greek- American, wasn’t a fan of baklava. (For shame!) Her family’s version...