SEA SALT & HERB (4pc Gift Set) +free gift

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4pc Holiday "Red & Green" Gift Set

Natural Greek Sea Salt Flakes

Use this wonderful salt as a table salt or during cooking.  Simply crush between finger tips. 

with Organic Sweet Pepper

sprinkle over meat, poultry, eggs, potatoes, pasta or stews

with Organic Oregano
sprinkle over meat, fish, poultry, pasta, vegetables or salads


Handpicked Chili Flake & Oregano

Harvested in various parts of Greece.  Due to the climate in Greece, herbs and spices are packed with flavor.  

Smoked Chili Flake

delicately spicy, great for sauteeing

Oregano from Taygetus

the classic Greek oregano, for grills, pizzas, salads and sauces

 + free package of our fresh, small batch pita bread!

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