Produce Box

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Terms / How to Order

Every Sunday, we will update our curated Produce Box.  

Pick-up days: Wednesday & Friday

(we may hold your box for up to 1 day if you need to pick up a day later than selected)

If one day is ”sold out”, try the other day.  

Please note important points below:

  • Variety will change weekly
  • Availability is first come
  • Box size good for 2 person household, you may simply increase the number of boxes if you need to feed more
  • If you order other items along with your Produce Box, we will have everything ready for pick-up together on Wednesday OR Friday, depending on your selection
  • Produce is a combination of local, organic and conventional 



  • apples, local mix (5) - Tuckey's Orchard (PA)
  • oranges, navel (2-3)
  • blueberries, organic (6oz) - Driscoll's
  • avocado (1-2)
  • tomato, cherry on the vine (10oz) - Backyard Farms (ME)
  • cucumber, english (2)
  • onion, spanish (1-2)
  • wild arugula (5oz) - Satur Farms (NY)
  • zucchini, organic (2)
  • potato, yukon (2lb)
  • lemon (2)
  • garlic, whole (1)
  • parsley, flat leaf (1 bunch)
  • chives, flowering
  • black eyed peas, dry (1lb)
  • greek olives, split green (4oz) - Dimitri (Greece)

*see recipe ideas below!

DISCLAIMER:  produce subject to change based on supplier availability.  similar item or quantity adjustment will be made depending.

photo is original and represents a sample of actual product, credit: Katerina, owner MASTIHA



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Λουβί / Louvi - Cypriot Style Black Eyed Peas w/ zucchini & fresh garnishes!


Recipe with photo will be posted to our Recipe Blog by Tuesday