Ancient Foods

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Ancient Foods products allow you to experience the single sourced nutritious ingredients that have been enjoyed in Greece for thousands of years. 

EXTRA VIRGIN GREEK "MOUNTAIN" OLIVE OIL - unfiltered, organic.  hand harvested from century old olive trees on the foothills of Mount Taygetos and yield superior health benefits and depth of flavor. 500ml

CRETE "EDAFOS" EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - pdo Sitia.  from the coastal town of Sitia on Crete island where the Minoans cultivated the first olive tree millenia ago.  Rustic groves are surrounded by herbs, wildflowers and the deep azure waters of the Mediterranean.  "Edafos" honors the unique terrior of this oil's home. 500ml

"IRINI" ORGANIC THYME HONEY - crafted by generations of beekeepers on monastic land on the island Crete.  the hot and dry climate of the mountains create some of the most intense herbs in the world. 16oz jar

"ILIA" WILD FOREST & THYME HONEY - from the slopes of Mount Taygetos, the arid climate and elevation lends an earthy, intense flavor with floral notes of thyme and a rich, sweet finish. 16oz jar



Co-founder of Ancient Foods, Kosta Drakakis, is a friend of ours and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and two children.