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TRÉA Olives

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    TREA's aspiration is to combine the healthy living and wisdom of their grandparents with the active life of today by bringing the best of the motherland to your plate in a sustainable and responsible way.

    Plum Olives with Sea Salt
    "Arkadia" from the village of Astros.
    Firm, robust and meaty to match their imposing size.

    green olives, water, sea salt, oregano, acidity regulator: lactic acid

    Kalamon Olives with Basil & Lemon
    "Argolida" from the village of Mycenae. 
    Sharp, pungent, salty-sour flavor.

    kalamon olives, water, sea salt, lemon, basil, oregano, acidity regulator: lactic acid


    Net 10 oz

    Product of Greece

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