“Mountain" Vordonia (500ml)

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Greek Mountain Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (USDA Organic)

Location: Mt. Taygetos, Vordonia, Sparta.
Single Origin- Village Farms.
Size: 500 ml / 16.9 FL OZ.

Fruitiness: Medium.
Flavor: Buttery, Grassy Note, Short Lived Spiciness.   
Monocultivar: Athenoelia, Filtered, First Cold Pressed.

Hand harvested from centuries old olive trees on the foothills of Mount Taygetos, Vordonia.  

Co-founder of Ancient Foods, Kosta Drakakis, is a friend of ours and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and two children.  Ancient Foods is a fellow Kensington based company!