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"Keros" Vordonia (3L)

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    KERÓS Organic Greek Olive Oil (USDA Organic)

    Location: Mt. Taygetos, Vordonia, Sparta.
    Charuhas Family Estate
    Size: 3 Liter Tin

    Fruitiness: Delicate.
    Flavor: Elegant, Buttery, Fresh Herb, Short Lived Spiciness.   
    Monocultivar: Athenoelia, Unfiltered, First Cold Pressed, Low Acidity.

    The original superfood. Organic, unfiltered olive oil from 1000 year old trees on Mount Taygetos outside of Sparta. The older the olive tree the more antioxidants and phenols for your heart and body health. 

    Used by several Washington DC Michelin Star Restaurants. 

    Co-founder of Ancient Foods, Kosta Drakakis, is a friend of ours and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and two children.  Ancient Foods is a fellow Kensington based company!

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