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Baklava Layered (1/2 sheet)

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    A true and special pastry that spans centuries.  Our baklava is enjoyably sweet, gooey, and layered with buttery, flaky phyllo dough. 

    Our layered baklava is available in these varieties:

    CLASSIC | cut to approx 48pc $60
    walnut, cinnamon, phyllo dough, butter, syrup 

    CHOCOLATE | cut to approx 48pc $65
    walnut, dark cocoa, chocolate, phyllo dough, butter, syrup 

    • Single variety per tray
    • Perfect 'fork' dessert for celebrations
    • Ready to serve in a family-style tray
    • Serve a la mode, or in paper pastry cups 
    • A major crowd pleaser!

    1/2 sheet disposable tray with lid, includes a MASTIHA sticker

    Length 18 Inches
    Width 13 Inches
    Height 1 Inch
    Shape Rectangle
    Aluminum tray, clear plastic lid
    Room temperature OR frozen.  Refrigerator not recommended
    Shelf Life 10 days (room temp.), 1 month (frozen)

    Additional Ingredient Details:

    syrup (honey, cane sugar, lemon)

    phyllo dough (organic wheat flour, filtered water, organic tapioca starch, organic soy oil, salt, organic malt extract, organic soy lecithin, tri-calcium phosphate.  NO PRESERVATIVES. NO TRANS FAT. CONTAINS: SOY AND WHEAT INGREDIENTS.)
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