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Summer Ripe Greek Salad

Summer Ripe Greek Salad

Posted on August 13 2019, By: Katerina Georgallas

Summer Ripe Greek Salad

summer in all it’s glory.  the classic greek salad may be among the easiest dishes to assemble, which is why we appreciate it so much on these long, hot summer days.  but, the real secret for the most delicious “horiatiki salata” or village salad is in the quality and dressing.  

this is our standard summer ode to the ripest tomatoes, crunchiest cucumbers and special touches for a chunky salad you’ll crave all week long.  leftovers are great, by the way, the next morning alongside a couple farm fresh eggs.

(measurements may be adjusted to your preference)
- assorted fresh, vine ripe tomatoes 
- cucumber ~ go for a thinner skin, crunchier variety
- red onion
- assorted fresh herbs
- greek olives
- fresh garlic 
- feta cheese 
- red wine vinegar 
- extra virgin greek olive oil 
- salt & pepper 
- pita bread for dunking!

step 1 - slice first four ingredients to your liking.  we like to halve cherry tomatoes and randomly slice larger tomatoes for varying visual texture.  fresh herbs may be hand-torn or minced (don’t be afraid to use any herb blossoms for presentation!).  for salads, we prefer green olives from greece in place of the brinier dark "kalamata" olives because they lend a little more toothy texture.

step 2 - in a separate bowl, crumble feta cheese and add (this is our little twist) fresh grated garlic and a little drizzle of olive oil.  toss well and dollop over salad.  we prefer a goat or sheep milk feta for salads.

step 3 - in a jar, place equal parts red wine vinegar and olive oil.  we used 2 fluid ounces of each to dress a family size salad (based on approx 2 pints of tomatoes).  add salt and black pepper to your liking -- salt helps “juice” the tomatoes, resulting in more liquid at the bottom of the bowl to sop up with pita bread!  shake well, pour over salad and serve.

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