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Simmered Garlic Base

Simmered Garlic Base

Posted on January 24 2021, By: Katerina Georgallas

Simmered Garlic Base

Adapted from a Michael Psilakis cookbook, this garlic confit is a staple you'll love having on-hand.  I often prepare it in a large cast-iron pot, then transfer to a wide mouthed glass jar that sits next to my stove for easy access. 

Use it as a base for all types of cooking; stewed beans, simmered grains, paste for meats and vegetables, and so on.

  • Whole head garlic, cloves separated and peeled
  • e.v. Olive Oil, enough to cover garlic
  • Dried herbs; thyme, marjoram, rosemary, bay leaf are my favorite
  • Salt (optional)

In a heavy bottom pot, bring heat to medium to get it started.  Reduce to low and simmer until garlic is golden brown (not burned) and soft throughout.  Allow to cool and transfer as is, or blend to make garlic-oil paste, to a glass jar.


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