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Σαλάτα Φασόλια & Φέτα / Bean & Feta Salad

Σαλάτα Φασόλια & Φέτα / Bean & Feta Salad

Posted on September 15 2020, By: Katerina Georgallas

Σαλάτα Φασόλια & Φέτα / Bean & Feta Salad


As a mom, I'm always working on creative ways to ensure my son is exposed to a variety of foods -- especially as an energetic six year old!   Hello zoom-classroom focus.  But, what about me?  It's so easy to skimp on a robust meal, so this is why I try to meal prep each week. 

Earlier this week, I prepped lots of roasted vegetables, boiled beans, sliced onion and washed herbs totally ready to toss together for a fast and nutrient dense meal.  

After eating this meal pictured, I felt/feel so freaking amazing, that I stopped what I was working on to write this quick recipe post!

Here's what's in this yummy bowl -- layered in the order below.  Select items available for online order to pickup from our kitchen.




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