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Greek Style Family Meals

Greek Style Family Meals

Posted on August 01 2022, By: Katerina Georgallas

Greek Style Family Meals

Mastiha offers market-exclusive prepared traditional Greek foods. We like to switch it up + bring different things each weekend, but here are a few of our most POPULAR items + ways to incorporate it into other dishes + make it a big-fat-Greek-feast💙 

1. Γίγαντες / Gigantes / yee-yan-tes / giant Greek baked beans

Breakfast bites: If you're a true legume-lover, Greek-style beans on toast is a must-try. Best on a thick piece of sourdough toast, garnished with fresh parsley + some chili flakes for a nice little kick to wake you up.

Lunch love: Healthy helpings to fuel your midday break. Greek beans added to a generous amount of arugula, sprinkled with chopped shallots + sea salt flakes, drizzled with a light lemon + oil vinegarette, seasoned with oregano. Lightly toast a piece of pita bread to dip into leftover dressing. 

Dinner time: Make honey + garlic chicken (the sweetness pairs SO, SO well with the savory flavors of the beans). Serve with a side of gigantes, sprinkled with feta and a small Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, evoo, salt + pepper, garlic, + oregano). For dessert, following with the 'honey theme', serve up some sweet + syrupy classic baklava

2. Κεφτέδες / Keftedes / kef-teh-thes / Greek meatballs

Breakfast bites: For an easy, on-the-go breakfast, make mini meatball, peppers, spinach, + feta omelet cups using a muffin pan. They hold well in the fridge + are super nutritious + delicious.

Lunch love: Toast a bread roll with the meatballs, layered with provolone cheese, topped with a marinara sauce seasoned with sea salt + oregano for a delicious meatball sub. Pairs well with a big ol' slab of rustic spanakopita on the side. 

Dinner time: Boil up some spaghetti + add the Greek meatballs, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle some feta, + pour up some red wine, + voilà. For dessert, serve up some warm bougatsa with coffee. 

3. Κιμά / Kima / kee-mah / Greek-style Meat Sauce

Breakfast bites: Greek style breakfast nachos (hear me out)... pita chips, cut into triangles using our pita bread, layered with warm kima, topped with Greek yogurt, feta cheese, + lightly drizzle with a roasted garlic- infused extra virgin olive oil + chopped tomatoes + peppers... sounds good right? It is. Trust me.

Lunch love: Make the wildly popular μακαρόνια με κιμά / makaronia me kima / mah-ka-roh-nee-a meh kee-mah / spaghetti with Greek-style meat sauce. Make some spaghetti (in salted, boiling water), drain, add extra virgin olive oil, add the kima, top with grated cheese, heat up some pita bread + enjoy. 

Dinner time: Whip up some παστίτσιο / pastitsio / pah-steets-ee-oh / Greek lasagna - using the meat sauce. It's the ultimate comfort food, great for a family-style dinner gathering with a side of tiropita + makes for delicious leftovers.


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