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Greek Charcuterie Board

Greek Charcuterie Board

Posted on June 30 2022, By: Katerina Georgallas

Greek Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is essentially an all-inclusive appetizer featuring cured meats, artisanal cheeses, variations of nuts, berries + fruits, etc. A GREEK charcuterie board is ALL of that + then some... 

Everyone loves a good spread, me included. My favorite thing to do is SNACK + this is tailor-made for snacking. What I love MOST about this is that there are literally no rules to making one, no right or wrong way... you can curate it to all of your favorites (like I do). To me, a charcuterie board is a summer staple snack, because there's a little something for everyone. 

Want to know how I build + load up my Greek charcuterie board? Well, keep reading. 

For me, dips + cheeses are always the star of the show. I load my favorite dips (tzatziki + hummus, + olive oil) into mini bowls, + place them on the board. Add another mini bowl of your favorite olives. I cut up my cheeses, most times I'll do a variation of Greek + French cheeses. Load up your board with the cheese, stack it up, layer it, slice it, whatever floats your boat. Movin' on to the breads + crackers. Sometimes, I'll cut my pita into strips (good for dipping), other times I'll slice it up, fry 'em up, + make pita chips. Other times, I'll just throw on a bunch of assorted crackers for variety (+ aesthetics, obviously).

Next, I go in on the meats. Depending on hunger levels, I'll load up with Greek meatballs (which FYI we sell at our famer's markets), Italian preserved meats like salami, prosciutto + pepperoni (I know I said this was a Greek Charcuterie board but Greeks + Italians are neighbors so it's practically the same thing), grilled Greek sausage, etc. You get the picture. I try to always make space for some type of phyllo pie (but if you don't have space, just add it on the side, no biggie). I love the leek + cheese phyllo pie because it just pairs SO, SO nicely with the earthy flavors of the nuts, the sweetness of the grapes, + the seasoned spices of the meats. Then just go in with your fillers: fruits, berries, cashews, mixed nuts, vegetables, etc. I prefer pistachios, almonds, + grapes as my fillers.

 And VOILA... your very own Greek Charcuterie Board. 



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