M A S T I H A  |  A r t i s a n  G r e e k  B a k e r y

At MASTIHA, we are committed to producing quality goods entirely from scratch.  Our offerings include a range of pastries, savory hand-stretched phyllo pies and artisan pita bread.  Each product is crafted with care using only real and simple ingredients to ensure you enjoy pure, old-world quality with each bite. 

We look forward to serving you at one of our DC area farmers markets.  Or, you may pre-order/pick-up select items direct from our bakery.  Look for our pita bread and select pastries at area grocery retailers and neighborhood shops listed under our Find Us page.  


MASTIHA | Artisan Greek Bakery (est. 2018), previously Baklava Couture (2011-2018)